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Welcome to Qubators Hackathon 2024. This Year will be bigger and Better! From Blockchain Tech to Hardware and Ai Solutions, the possibilities are endless. Lots of prizes and seed funding to be won! Visit our FAQ section to learn More!


General Questions

  • What Is Qubators?
    Qubators is a Network for Christian software and hardware developers and all aspects of tech and media specialists who are passioante in using their skills for building products and solutions for the propagation of the gospel and for the good of mankind.
  • What is the Qubators Hackathon 2024?
    This is a 2 months sprint development event designed for all developers worldwide to build an improved version of existing mobile applications or new innovations in all fields of interest. Check out Season One Hackathon Highlights on the Hackathon home page.
  • Why is it a 2 months sprint development?
    The Hackathon begins the moment you register. So you can begin to work on your products from now. However the official take off date is from 20th July to 20th September. MVPs should be ready and submitted by then. Certain products require more time and that will be put in consideration once we can prove that the 60 days given was fully optimized in the development phase.
  • Our Core Area of Interests
    Lifestyle and everyday applications, Operating System, File Sharing applications, Word and Spreadsheet Processing Applications, Blockchain and Web3 applications, Mobile hardware devices, Fintech and Agric- solutions.
  • Is the Hackathon Taking Place in a Physical Location?
    No. Its virtual. So you can participate anywere in the world and have team members working with you virtually as well. However you will be expected to attend all our Compulsory Preparatory Online Meetings, and the Hackathon Tv Shows. You will be contacted by our Qubators Relationship Managers (QRMs) weekly before and during the event for updates. We encourage you to visit your hackathon dashboard daily for updates and news.
  • What Are the Prizes to Be Won
    Lots of Cash Prizes will be won totalling 100,000 dollars! Some will be given as Seed funding for the projects and others as cash depending on the product submitted.
  • Do I Earn From my Product?
    Profit sharing arrangement for commercial products is part of the deal. But the percentage is not fixed as this will depend on the product and other factors. All these will be communicated to you soon.
  • Are Their Other Benefits of Being a Part of the Hackathon?
    Yes. There are lots of benefits. You are now a member of Qubators. And will be invited for our various trainings, meet ups, collaboration and brainstorming sessions and also mentorship programs. Also, you will be automaticaly signed up to QLINK. A developers and client connecting platform just for members of Qubators. Here you will meet and seal deals with those who require your expertise and services.
  • What Type of Products are Most Likely to Win?
    Any type of product stands a chance to win. Our criteria in selection of winners is based on high quality, excellently developed original products.
  • How many Winners will Be recognised?
    At least 20 winners.
  • Can I Join A Team?
    Yes you can. Check your Hackathon dashboard after registration. Click on "Join Teams".
  • Are Non- Developers Welcome?
    Yes! Media experts, specialising in the use of AI Tools and other Smart Online Tools to develop unique campaign ideas are welcome.

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