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What is Qubators?

Qubators is a Network for Developers, Software Engineers and Media Specialists passionate about developing technological and innovative solutions for global impact

Join the Next Biggest
Global Hackathon

Qubators Hackathon Season 2 is a programming event specially designed to innovate new and high quality solutions/technologies with the aim to reach every man in his world and in his language with the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in record time


You can become a winner!

Take part in innovating new solutions for global impact and stand a chance to win lots of cash prizes for top winners!


Frequently Asked Questions

A hackathon is a design sprint-like event where participants from diverse educational backgrounds and/or skill sets come together to collaborate intensively on a digital solution.

For those online, this hackathon will be held using the Microsoft Teams platform. There will be a general room where all the information sessions will be held as well as breakout rooms for the individual teams. Coaches and mentors will also be available during scheduled time frames where teams can pose questions.

In order to participate, you must have a tech idea / solution that you would like to develop for the competition and be registered on the Qubators Hackathon Portal

The hackathon will be held over the weekend of August 5th to the 7th 2021.

Yes, there will be lots of prizes to win.

The grand prize is $50,000 for the winning team and a Qubators Hackathon Recognition Award; and $10,000, $5,000, $1,000 cash prizes for other categories / levels of awards to be won.

If you don’t want to distribute your code base that is ok, if you don’t want to present your project, then a hackathon might not be the ideal place for you to work on that idea. We will take photos at the event and you will sign a document that allows us to use those pictures for social media. So if you don’t want to be in any pictures please tell us beforehand!

Please check the agenda on the home page, small changes might occur.

No, you are not required to register a team. However, if you do require a team, the onus is on you to select and assemble your team to build and develop your product to 100% completion.

There is no cover charge for the event, however you are responsible for supplying your own devices internet access.
All costs and expenses associated with the work or innovation of a team shall be the responsibility of the team and its participating members.

You do not have to be a programmer to participate. Anyone is welcome to participate in this event. While experience coding and programming is a huge plus, teams will also need people with strong presentation skills and brilliant ideas.

In case of any technical issues, we would like to send you an SMS or call you to ensure a communication channel is always open. Your phone number will not be shared outside these circumstances.

You are encouraged to participate in the Hackathon Workshops Webinars. Topics, dates, and times will be announced at a later date.

You will be required to record a not more than 5 minutes video talking about your product / tech innovation, and send your specification documents.
Other than that and finding fellow brilliant minds with complementary skills to team up with, there is nothing that you need to prepare in advance.

All things in regard to feeding shall be provided for those participating at Christ Embassy Church centres.

All things in regard to accommodation shall be provided for those participating at Christ Embassy Church centres.

This year’s judging process will be based on several factors including

  • Viability / Usefulness
  • Creativity of execution / Wow-effect
  • Technical Complexity
  • Collaboration
  • Presentation

The judge panel composition will be announced closer to the date of the hackathon.

Go ahead and visit the Qubators Hackathon Portal and book your place.

Qubators shall in addition to the cash prizes and financial rewards voluntarily give other incentives to the winning participants such as facilitating in Qubators events, being Qubators Ambassadors, moderating or acting as judges in future Qubators competition.

There will be an independent Jury selecting the winners with a rating system.

There is no limit to how many people can be in your team. The number of people in your team will be dependent on how you so deem fit in regard to the project / innovation you are working on.

You can sign up as an individual or as a team depending on the requirements of your project as you deem fit.

Yes, every team member should be present. If a team member cannot be present during the pitch or can only come later please tell us so that we can provide a link through which they can participate!

You can use any software, provided these are declared in the presentation and are being used lawfully i.e. under license.

Since you have your application ready to be deployed, there is a huge flexibility in options. But the most popular deployment solutions from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft tend to involve a lot more setup and usually the attachment of billing/credit card information.

Since you have your application ready to be deployed, there is a huge flexibility in options. But the most popular deployment solutions from Google, Amazon, and Microsoft tend to involve a lot more setup and usually the attachment of billing/credit card information.
Instead, we suggest using a simpler platform as a service (PaaS) called Heroku, to deploy our backend app. Once you have an account you can push straight to heroku, or deploy from your github repository directly to heroku.
If this doesn't work for you, a public web server will do.

Try to make your code only do what it needs to do and nothing more. Keep your design focused on the project’s current needs.
Everything in your system, from your code and documentation to tool sources, build scripts, and test data, should be stored under version control. It's not compulsory but it's advisable when building the MVP.

Bring your laptops, mobile phones, Kinects, Oculus Rifts, Leap Motions, wearable computing devices, to whatever inspires you or you want to work with.

The environment at the Hackathon is designed specifically to encourage everyone to have fun and help each other. If you’re ever stuck on anything, speak to a Qubators team member who might be able to help. Team mates and other participants are on hand too, as this is a collaborative environment.

Our vision is to provide a global platform for christian innovators to have their products and innovations to have a global audience, a global reach and a global impact through our network. Therefore, we shall be having an agreed shared ownership of the product depending on what the innovation is.

Yes, you can under special circumstances.
Every application, design, innovation and invention presented or submitted or presented by any team in the hackathon must be the original collective work developed by team and one that has not been presented or published either by the team or any member of the team prior to this project and in which there is no third party interest or claim.

The work, design or innovation of any team or participant in the hackathon should not violate any existing property right, trade mark, patents, etc.

If you win in any category or have any kind of arrangement in regard to your product with Qubators, then those applications, innovations or inventions cannot be replicated, reproduced or in any other manner be released or shared in any other platform or sold or assigned to any other person or organization. This undertaking also binds each and every other member of the team participating in this hackathon.

Please feel free to send us any more questions that are unanswered here to and we shall promptly respond to you.


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